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Point System

Post by Fang Kusan on Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:32 pm

On the site we have a point system.  Now, the point system is used somewhat as a secondary currency, with points you can buy certain things in shop that sell for points, use your points on site events, and more things that will occasionally happen in the future.  The system is not complicated at all, you gain points for pretty much anything, posting, liking posts, adding friends, etc.  Until we have many more vendors that sell things for points, I recommend simply gaining and collecting points for now, they will come in handy for the future!  Here is a point guide down below:

Points gained per profile message:-----------20
Points gained per friend:--------------------100
Points gained per day since registration:-----10
Points gained per forum message:-----------10
Points gained per hosting a forum topic:-----30

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