Classic Elysia.

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Classic Elysia.

Post by Laxus Kusan on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:30 am

Due to the recent few weeks of no recruitment, it is become my best decision to disband Elysia in GraalOnline Classic. THIS DOES IN NO WAY EFFECT THE ACTIVITIES OF DELTERIA ELYSIA, continue to operate as normal,keeping recruitment up as best you can, coming up with ideas to better improve Elysia, Ect. Ect. If for any reason your wondering why this is happening so suddenly, know that my plan WAS to post a poll on wether or not to go ahead with disbanding classic Elysia, however as far as I know, this site has user activity of maybe two users per week on. (Had any of you tried to make posts and comments, I would have gotten an accurate reading of how many of you actually care by now, however, I'm not trying to place blame on you) know this was entirely my decision, and you may still seek me out for assistance when any of you need help with anything. 

(By no means will GraalOnline classic Elysia ever be resurrected. Elysia was never meant for classic, let's keep it in delteria where it belongs.)

Long Live Elysia.

Commander Laxus Kusan Clegane, Commander Of The Elysian Armed Forces
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Re: Classic Elysia.

Post by John Kusan on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:02 am

Elysia worked on Classic the first time, but now it isn't the same. I'm fine with Delteria. Very Happy
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