Law & Justice Career Path

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Law & Justice Career Path

Post by Vulnus on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:16 pm

This Career Path focuses on solving conflict, either that be internal or external. In which will be solved in a civil, organized, and lawful way, the Law & Justice Path will focus on courtroom activities that can last for hours if not days. It is expected to have daily mock trials, constantly review the law, teach the law to others, and serve has a functional militia. The Order of the Law & Justice Path follow:

Student->Law Student->Senior Juror->Lawyer->Prosecutor or Defensive Attorney (it is at the individuals discretion to pick)-> Judge


Studies the daily life, rules, function and purpose of various Elysian programs and activities, once passing the exit exam they may move onto law school.

Law Student:

Focuses on the tiny details of Elysian Law, learns and hones speaking ability, and learns tactics to sway an audience, once passing the law school exit exam they will participate in the court room.

Senior Juror:

A Jury is picked of at least 2 Senior Jurors and 3 random citizens, the purpose of the senior jury is to get a close up front feel of the court room so they can both understand and learn about how it is in the "real world" opposed to from law school. They are also expected to fulfill the majority of the various members (witnesses/criminals/jurors) in mock trials. Promotion is received after they have been present at 10 mock trials or 5 real Trials.


A lawyer is expected to come to either the defense of a client or try to prosecute an opposing client. They may or may not get payed, it is not mandatory to pay a lawyer but it is a more realistic and nicer way to go about it. Lawyers also have the full right to teach Elysian Law to anyone who is curious, they are expected to participate in mock trials, and continue studying law. They can receive promotion to Defense Attorney after 10 successful wins from a defensive client, or they can become a Prosecutor after 10 successful wins for a client who is pressing charges.

Defensive Attorney:

Specialized in protecting defendants, receives promotion to Judge after 20 cases.


Specialized in prosecution, receives promotion to Judge after 20 cases.


A Supreme Authority on Elysian Law, they are walking, living, breathing law books! They are required to help teach law students, and serve as judges in court. They are required to retake the law school exit exam every two weeks, and are allowed to condemn and administer punishments (that the law allows).


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